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viv davy

weaver, botanical dyer and printer, knitter, slow stitcher, gallerist.

Viv is the very happy and privileged owner of ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’. There is a statement about this part of Viv’s life at the front of this website : There is also an interview done by Venture Taranaki about the informing elements of Viv’s life and practice.

On this page I would like to post some of the up to date works Viv is engaged in. Her workspace is primarily upstairs above the gallery and the space has now been arranged to allow easy access by the public where they can see works in process, looms, other equipment and also find some of Viv’s practice to buy. It is a great chance to have conversations about making and in particular slow making. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

During April the garden time has been spent harvesting dye and print materials including these enormous self creating Dahlias. Somehow this version of Dahlia propagated itself probably from cross-pollinated seeds of other dahlias in the garden. These plants have been endlessly prolific with their gigantic blooms that the vases inside the house have been full to overflowing……….so of course they have to become botanical print material.

The Swedish Drawloom is the big project in the studio upstairs as it gradually gets the weight system converted to lingoes. This has been an enormously slow undertaking in between bionic hip upgrades but now the end of it is approaching. It is all in the counting and the delicate tying. But the music is starting and it is exciting.

Viv’s day to day stuff is on her instagram feed at:

Viv has also maintained sporadically over the years a blog at:

All the digital interfaces can be found through . You will find here material from Viv’s garden as well as her local photographic practice -all the parts of her life that are informing her art practice.

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