Terms and Conditions


‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ does not charge a hanging fee. Gallery commission on sales is 25% of sale price. Artists are responsible for the costs associated with getting the works to and from the exhibition. The gallery carries all media expenses including hardcopy DL flyers to 250 units. If the artist(s) requires more, then it is at their expense through the printing arrangements of the gallery. Artists are responsible for pricing their own works and should supply the gallery with the selling price that reflects the above factors. Works that are sold from the exhibition will remain in the gallery until the end of the exhibition unless there is a special reason for them to be uplifted earlier. Artists will be paid by direct debit into the bank account of their choice on the day after the show is taken down, unless arrangements are made otherwise.


Delivery address: ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’

18 Halse Place


New Zealand 4616

Phone: +6421407424

Email: viv@blacknosugar.com

Curator: Viv Davy. 
Each work must be ready to hang or plinth/table display. It is the responsibility of the artist to provide appropriate hanging devices for wall-hung works. The gallery uses the Artrack hanging system rather than direct nailing into the walls. The hanging system on the work needs to be 6 cm down from the top of the work and in from the edges an even amount on both sides. This link has clear instructions. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/hanging-a-painting-wire-d-rings-2578378

Please ask if you need more clarification of this. 

The artist must price their own work and supply the gallery with the selling price including commission. 

As part of our promoting of the art it is helpful if each work is accompanied by a story about the making of the work – the thinking process, the techniques, the intention etc that can be displayed either on the wall information or in the catalogue. We like each artist to supply a personal image (high resolution .jpeg) for the artist file held by the gallery that accompanies the exhibition. We also ask each artist to supply a brief bio and artist statement. 

It is very helpful for digital marketing to know the artist’s digital handles – Facebook, Instagram, web sites, emails, phone, etc. This enables tagging and extends the power of the gallery’s promotional postings. Please supply as many of these as you are able to with your bio. If you have specific requirements about what material about yourself and your practice is shared on the gallery’s digital platform please make this clear. It is the gallery’s usual process to profile not only the work but also the artist – this builds stronger relationships with the viewers and potential clients.