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I Haven’t Lost My Marbles (Yet)………

A Solo Exhibition by Jeanette Verster.

11th November – 22nd December 2021.

This is the long awaited and rescheduled solo exhibition of one of Taranaki’s premier, award winning textile artists. Known for her unusual insights and imaginative combination of materials Jeanette has started with the idea of an alphabet to explore being ‘unyoung’. Most commonly we think of alphabet series to teach our littlies basic elements of their world and also the foundation of reading and writing. In this case the concept of an alphabetical guide has been developed into a joyous and honest focus on the aging process. One of the pieces that fronts for the collection states: ‘Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.’ This encapsulates the attitude each work has been approached with.

Frontispiece for the exhibition.

The individual pieces will be listed on the gallery’s website shop page with dimensions and more details.

Jeanette describes the development of this series in her Artist Statement:

My interest in ABC books is an extension of my interest in typography. There are countless versions of alphabet books but of course, most are aimed at young children just beginning to read.  The inspiration for “My Last ABC” came one sleepless night in those early hours of the morning, between sleep and awake when the brain makes funny connections that sometimes lead to good ideas. There are so many “first” alphabet books, so why not a “last” one?  The following day I made my first “Ageing” ABC list, but this so much resembled an index of a handbook on geriatric ailments that I almost abandoned the idea. 

In the following months I frequently returned to my list with new ideas for words and imagery, adding and editing continuously. For some letters there were many contenders. My selection of words reflects personal experiences, interests and fears and that is the reason why some more obvious words were not chosen. If I had to start again the selection would most likely be quite different. I am also grateful to friends and family for some excellent suggestions.”

Jeanette asks that viewers add to her collection of words and ideas.

I would love to have your suggestions too, so please write your words on a yellow sticky note and stick it below the exhibits”.

The works are composed of a variety of materials, each especially selected to resonate with the intention of the artistic statement. These materials include: Commercial and handmade papers, cotton, silk, wool, linen and polyester fabrics, cotton and wool threads, water colour, acrylic ink, photos.

There is also a beautiful photographic book of the alphabet pieces available for those who purchase a work or for sale as a stand alone item.

Sold works can be re-ordered if you have missed out on a particularly resonant piece. Jeanette will take the idea of the original and accommodate her materials availability to make another bespoke version on order.

As a reference back to the source of her inspiration, Jeanette has also created a secondary series of pieces that are based on pages from a child’s abc book. Look for these on the gallery web shop or better still come and experience them in a face to face situation to get all the details often overlooked in a photograph.

Check out the artist page for Jeanette

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