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Delta Update for the Gallery.

As of the 8th September 2021.

It is great news that we are able to move to Delta 2 as we hopefully all stay healthy and our lives can return to their state of privileged freedom we were enjoying before. Thank you team of 5 million for enabling that by sticking to the rules.

I know I am not alone in finding future planning very stressful at present – I believe it is a universal change to our world. So all there really is to say just now is that after discussion with the artists we are going to leave our beautiful current exhibition ‘Diaries’ on display until October 11th 2021. There is so much to see in this collection of works and I know many people missed fitting in a visit before we went into lockdown. So. Allowing for the restriction on numbers of people in an enclosed space this extension will give everyone time and space to engage with these diaries. We are able to accommodate people at 2 metres apart as long as it is a limited number. So please, come and see us with your masks and your Covid scanner app loaded ready to take in our code.

This change of dates will move the rest of the gallery calendar for the year.

Viv Davy will be the artist for the balance of October, including The Taranaki Arts Trail which is expected to run from October 29th 2021 – November 8th 2021. The gallery will be open for this with extended hours 9.30am to 5.00pm daily across these days. The solo exhibition is called “From my Land”. A few details are given here: On this Trail listing it describes workshops being organised across the festival time but at this stage these are not going to be offered.

Jeanette Verster is at this stage rescheduled for opening on November 11th 2021 to run through to December 20th 2021. This means the ‘For the Home’ exhibition will be shorter than previously and will run from December 23rd 2021 to January 17th 2022. The time line for entries to this exhibition is changed and has been altered on the entry webpage.

The workshop offered by Nicola Basham is scheduled to go ahead as planned at this stage, the workshop with Christine Keller has been rescheduled. New dates have yet to be set for Anne Garvey’s Fabric Collage Workshop and Louise Cook’s Listening to the Cloth workshop. Details will be posted on this website under the workshop tab that is relevant.Please keep checking for updates.

So here we go again with our fingers crossed that we don’t have to go back into a harder level of lockdown.

Thanks everyone for your understnding.

Stay safe

Stay well.