Artist Residency

The vision of our studio gallery is to provide a platform for the textile and fibre arts to become vibrant and enduring in the 2020’s and on into the future.
As part of our way to achieve this vision we offer the opportunity for textile practitioners to experience a residency at our studio gallery. The residency can be of any duration up to 6 weeks long.

For the residency the artist is offered self contained off-grid accommodation onsite adjacent to the studio gallery. They have access to the equipment that is onsite and there is space for them to bring their own specialist kit. The only outlay for the artist is for food, personal requirements, materials for art works and transport. There are no occupancy costs. This is underwritten by the studio gallery.

For a residency the artist needs to apply to the gallery with a proposal of what they would like to explore and learn while here. This will be considered on a case by case basis to ensure that the studio gallery can fully support the artist in their residency.

The proposal needs to outline the processes and materials the artist proposes to use during their stay. In saying this we are fully aware that being in residence can and often does shift this choice in unexpected directions.

We run the residence space in an organic garden, off-grid and as plastic and chemical free as possible so it is important for us to protect these aspects of the environment while the residence is being used for any artistic practices.

An underpinning construct of our studio gallery is to be as environmentally protective as we can be and sensitive to seasons, materials and our impact on nature. We are seeking to support environmentally sustainable practices that use natural materials and non-chemical processes.

If you feel that your practice would align with these aspirations please contact us.