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With A “Flour-ish”!

Anne Garvey – Solo Exhibition.

June 1st – July 10th 2023

Anne Garvey has a long running involvement with our studio gallery, both as a contributing artist and as an instructor. We have been waiting some time to see the wonderful research – art making project that Anne has been working on around NZ Flour Mills and the Flour Sacks they produced to hold their flour. Here is Anne’s exhibition statement.

Intro statement:

NZ Flour Bags with their distinctive labels are a link to early flour mills that “flourished” across NZ, where today there are few still functioning.

What fascinates me are the screen printed logos and labels that are so varied and unique to their own mill.

I’m still wondering who designed them, and while there is information about old mills, I am assuming it will remain a mystery who their designers were.

My main body of work is to highlight the printed labels, using thread the same colour as the bag itself, and the technique of freeform stitching or thread painting. In order to leave the design intact, only the background is worked on. Additional symbolic additions are made to the background. The idea is to celebrate the original designs as a work of art, and give them a new life…to allow them to “flour-ish” again! 

Stay in touch with this exhibition using the QR Code.

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