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Altered Perception

Altered Perception

Felt Works by New Zealand Fibre Artists Julie Lumsden and Kath O’Halloran

Detail: “Imperfect Heart” Julie Lumsden.

Is Reality What We See or What We Feel?

On until 21st June 2021.

The two artists represented in this exhibition live and work in The Hawkes Bay Region of New Zealand. They have won many awards for their works over the years and this show highlights their current practices and the ideas they are concerned about.

Julie has created an exhibition statement:

This body of work has been created with the energy of love as the base….love of
nature, love of life. The colours of nature, from the earth, flowers, trees, water and
sky, from subdued to vibrant have been used.
What we see with our eyes, or feel physically or emotionally are not necessarily the
same. Looking at light natural colours can be soothing, peaceful but also disturbing
as the silence created by the calmness can be unsettling. Looking at vibrant colours
can bring joy but can also feel uncomfortable as the energy of intense colour leaves
no space, can be overwhelming.

For this body of work the pieces are hand and needle felted, stitched, wool on its
own or combined with fabric… to create felted pieces that should be hard  simply because they are a reflection of an emotion but feel soft to the touch.

Working with wool is a passion and therefore my work is created in the energy of love.

If for one moment you pause and study the work and a smile, a frown or a thought
comes from within unexpectedly, that is your reality in the moment of
contemplation. Enjoy!

A Partial Gallery of some of Julie Lumsden’s Works

The full list of all Julie’s works will be gradually added to the gallery’s webshop pages as the exhibition runs. So please keep checking for updates.

Now You See, Now You Don’t


Seen better Days.

Kath O’Halloran has created three bespoke had felted and hand stitched garments for the exhibition.

Kath describes her adventures with felt making:

In 2007 I watched a felting demonstration and knew this was something I needed to learn more about as I was amazed how the raw wool was turned into fabric.
I love the creativity that felting provides…colour, texture. If you are incorporating silks, cotton, synthetics, you are only limited by your imagination.I create my work using NZ wool, an amazing fibre and no two pieces are the same.

I’m a member of the Creative Fibre community which allows me to mix with and be inspired by like minded people.

A Partial Gallery of Kath O’Halloran’s Works.

These garments will be available on the gallery web site shop shortly, but are of course in the gallery now for trying on and enjoying.

There is such a diverse range of works in this exhibition in terms of colour palettes, functionality, conceptual content as well as textures and tactile experiences. As our weather closes in to the vagaries of Autumn this is a wonderful offering of beautiful objects to wrap us in a feeling of warmth and well being.