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The Cupboard Collection 2022. Solo Exhibition – Viv Davy.

This exhibition is Viv’s annual solo show, this year with a slightly different twist. Viv is a multi-discipline textile artist whose studio is situated above the gallery at ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’. The past year has been one of introspection and self analysis by Viv interspersed with the managing of the gallery. Moving into her seventh decade of life and facing some real physical impacts of a rich and active lived experience, Viv has decided this exhibition will be a wide ranging offering of both old and new works. A time to close some chapters and to open some new ones.

On offer will be works across many textile mediums – woven tapestries, stitched panels and art quilts, botanical dyed pieces, kits, handmade papers and books, stitched meditation cards, hand-dyed yarns, eco-dyed handmade felt items, smaller items for gifting as well as some larger conceptual wall works.

One of The Ephemera Series. Handmade paper and silk cocoon.

Something to appeal to everyone.

Many examples of the botanical dye practice I undertake, using plant material from my own organic dye garden. These threads and fabrics are also being offered for sale in kits.

Tapestries have always been a main part of my fibre art. I weave them on nail frame looms of differing sizes. Some are very fine, others more chunky. A range of these is being offered in this Collection