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Mountain Whispers – Cathy Jane Designs – Cathy Brickhill

17th August – 25th September 2023

To complete our Winter schedule for 2023 we are delighted to be hosting Cathy Jane Designs with a collection of works inspired by her roots. As Cathy writes:

This exhibition is about my hometown of New Plymouth, and the bond between myself and the mountain with all of its great forests, waterfalls, intricate moss covered trees and incredible wildlife that keeps calling me back to come and explore and feel it’s beautiful calming energy within.  As a self-taught artist, I use everything in nature to provide me with ideas, enthusiasm, intrigue, and wonder.  I love the wildness of Mount Egmont (Maunga Taranaki) its beauty, and its dangers.  

Taranaki Maunga – Cathy Brickhill

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