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Update. March 3rd 2023

This workshop will not be taking place. The health and safety logistics around using the woodworking tools are a bit outside of our remit.

SO INSTEAD:::::::::

We will be making these deckles up and offering them for sale.

The deckles will be the same size and materials as the ones we use in the papermaking workshops – approximately an A4 size paper when it is couched. The mesh will be the fine mesh the studio gallery deckles have. The only difference will be that the wooden parts will be sealed with satin varnish before the screen material is applied. These will be available for $55.00 and will be made to order. Please contact the gallery to place your order.

Please phone Viv on 021 407 424 or email,

Exciting News

18th March 2023
 Make Your Own Paper-making Deckle Workshop.
Pre-registrations now being taken.


We have been teaching the paper making workshops for some time now but realise how hard it is to make a good deckle and have a good grade of mesh on the paper forming part of the deckle.

Our desire is to grow the artisanal paper making community of Taranaki as much as possible.


We are going to offer a workshop to build your own deckle under our guidance and with the materials you have used in our workshops. 

As this requires quite a bit of preparation we need pre-registration.

At this stage we are still confirming the materials costs and time required to make these deckles in a workshop setting so the price is yet to be set but it will be as affordable as we can make it.

There will only be 4 spaces offered due to logistical constraints

Please PM or txt Viv on 021 407 424 , email for any other details.

Fill out the form below to register for the workshop.