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Liz Sinclair

Liz has worked with two vintage domestic textiles for our Made Over Exhibition. Both of these works are available as part of the silent auction to raise funds for The Women’s Refuge. Please message the gallery on +6421407424 or through the gallery’s social media to place your bids if not able to attend in person. 

Liz was born in and raised in Auckland. Her early education included no formal art training as she intended to study sciences at university. She was not formally trained in art until later in life in The Netherlands where she undertook art classes in painting and drawing and also sculpting classes. Her time in The Netherlands and other world travel has influenced her artwork. Her painted pieces often use the concepts of light and shade she learned from her studies there. Her imagery is usually traditional although she would like to develop more abstract practices.

In addition to art work Liz is passionate about botany. The natural elements influence her practice as does the ideal of sustainability and “treading lightly on this planet”. She continues to explore new creative ideas and methods. 

For the Made Over – Preserving & Reinterpreting Exhibition Liz took old domestic linens and renewed them so they can continue to be valuable parts of the domestic environment.


Liz has restored and elevated this useful food cover or centrepiece into an art textile while retaining its usefulness. Very beautiful example of up-cycling vintage textiles.

Edged – Liz Sinclair.
Edged – Liz Sinclair.

Wabisabi Inspired.

The second work Liz has created is Wabisabi Inspired. In this work Liz has meticulously repaired a damaged hand crochet doily which has also been botanically dyed. It has been done following the Japanese repair tradition where the damage is exulted and the passages of the object honoured. The repairs are highlighted rather than hidden. This sends the message that the article is of value, the work of the maker is of value and the work of the restorer is also valued.

Wabisabi Inspired – Liz Sinclair.
Wabisabi Inspired – Liz Sinclair. Silent Auction for The Women’s Refuge.

These beautiful works are available through the gallery or through the gallery web shop.


Wabisabi Inspired.

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