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Pravina Phillips

Pravina Phillips is a first time exhibiting artist at from out of the blue studio gallery and we are enjoying a very sharp sense of humour in her portfolio of works. Many of Pravina’s works combine upcycling with social messages. Pravina started her creative journey as a child with cross stitching over hessian and English Paper Piecing.   She then progressed to traditional patchwork, the old fashioned way using sandpaper as templates and trying to master the intricacies  of matching points and hand quilting using a hoop.  Some years later a whole new world opened up with the discovery of art quilts and contemporary methods of construction.  These days Pravina enjoys creating mixed media pieces and experimenting combining fabric, paper and stitch and dabbling with altered books and book making. A highlight of this ongoing journey for Pravina has been having works accepted for exhibition at the ANZEG Conferences and NZ Quilt Symposiums.

Abundance of Rubbish – Make Art. 2022 Pravina Phillips. NFS

Created for ANZEG Conference 2022

Playing with a collection of bottle tops and old envelopes lead me to this piece. How could I transform rubbish into an art piece?  I found that by consistently thinking outside the square, creativity can be found in abundance.

Materials: Bottle tops, used window envelopes, thread.

“Background 1” 2021 Artist: Pravina Phillips. NFS

Painting with fabric. This piece originated from playing with paint in an altered book I was working on.  I loved the slashes of colour to create a dramatic effect

Materials: Fabric, thread

“Background 2” 2022 Artist: Pravina Phillips. NFS

Painting with wool.  I wanted to see if I could use a different method to create the same effect as “ Background 1”.  I decided to turn the piece into something decorative yet functional . 

Materials: Wool and felt

“Essential item – An Abundance of Tea” 2022. Artist  Pravina Phillips. NFS

Created for ANZEG Conference 2022

The pandemic called for more cups of tea than ever before. What to do with all the used tea bags?  Inspired by the abundantly satisfying effects a good cup of tea can bring – warmth, good conversation, friendship, calmness and a sympathetic ear.  Carrying on with my interest in recycling. 

Materials: Tea bags, fabric, thread.

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