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Janette Theobold.

Ko Hikaroroa te mauka, 

ko Waikouaiti te awa, 

ko Takitimu te waka, 

ko Kati Huirapa te hapu, 

ko Puketeraki te marae, 

ko Motoitoi te matua tipuna,

ko Kai Tahu te iwi, 

ko Janette Theobald ahau

Tangata Whenua, 

people of the land.

The land- life giving,

sustaining both body and spirit, inspiring and energising.

My roots are firmly planted in the land of Aotearoa, it is my inspiration and my love. For centuries my ancestors have walked this country, and over more recent centuries others have joined them, thus I am part of the rich tapestry of culture and history that is New Zealand today. It is my joy to explore and interpret the world around me using arguably the most ancient textile of all, felted wool. Felt is a magical material, a soft, warm flexible natural material made from wool and other fibres. It can be moulded and shaped into two and three-dimensional artefacts simply with the addition of water and friction. I enjoy the challenge of extending the creative possibilities of the medium, and teaching and sharing the pleasure of creativity using such a simple and fascinating technology.