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Jan Macneil

Jan talks about her delightful knitted vessels:

I can’t remember when I started to knit, but let’s say .. 60 years ago? .. but knitting unusual things, maybe 20 years. 
I love colour, and depth of colour, and discovered spun sari silks when living in Christchurch 20 years ago. A little before then, I started knitting with colourful cottons and beads, and somewhere along the line, in order to get the shape and substance, I added wire. I’m lucky to still have the dexterity and strength to use those materials.
I’ve indulged my feelings for shapes and colours more in the last few years, since I retired from my day job and have the time and mental space.
I may still wear mostly black, but in all other things it’s COLOUR!

These three vessels – Bowl of Warmth, Bowl of Warmth About to Fly and Whimsy Shape are in the gallery to hold, enjoy the array of colour and textures, and marvel at the imagination of the maker.

More details on the gallery shop page.