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Tanya Green

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt.
I am an environmentalist, animal lover, nature seeker, explorer and keen traveller, a student, employee, organiser and a dreamer.
I am an ARTIST.
I live in the Mangaroa Valley, and find inspiration in the natural beauty of the NZ countryside and seascape. I strongly believe the things we do and how we live affects everything around us and I strive to achieve good environmental practices in my studio. I have a passion for experimentation and exploration. I work with repurposed and natural materials to create unique work, this is how I am developing a sustainable practice.

Our wonderful New Artist – Tanya Green.

This is a little peak into what Tanya has created with her Wendy Watson Concertina Book. She writes about it:

“walk with me through the day”

This collaborative concertina book explores the best kind of day. A kiwi summer day, where you wake to the sun shining in your window and head to the beach. Walk with me and explore a day filled with sun, sand, and sea. Swim in the ocean, picnic under the Pohutukawa, and build a fort where we can watch the sun set together…

The seed lights represent my footsteps or vision throughout the day’s adventures (they have 3 temperature settings, are rechargeable and come with a charger cord).

I wanted to incorporate the original mark making of Wendy Watson into my piece. My response to these marks was to print my own summer holiday photographs onto tissue paper. When glued to the original book structure the tissue allowed Wendy’s marks to show through. Always in search of more texture, I have added dimensional elements, water drops and sun filled sparkles.

This book truely merits being seen in real life.

As well as her Concertina Book project, Tanya has also given the gallery the chance to host her joyous abstract landscapes created with poignant colours of watercolours on paper that are collaged and stitched together. I think of these as moodscapes – evocative of how my spirits lift when I am in certain parts of the natural world. Most of these works have a Beach basis. They are all framed ready for their forever homes and there are several different sizes.

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