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Julz Coffey

Julz Coffey. Whanganui based mixed media artist.

It is a great thrill to get a work from Julz as her works are so much in demand. Fortunately for us she participated in the concertina book challenge and created her delightful Great Grandma Brown book.

The images below are the pages of her work in the order of the book.

I would say a primary love for Julz is the human in all shapes and disguises. Other works in her portfolio that demonstrate this are shown below. The female central character of her concertina book is as always depicted in a highly evocative manner.

Julz has recently been awarded the Recaffeinate Merit Award in the Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review currently on at the Sargent Gallery Whanganui. Congratulations Julz. It is a beautiful textile work. imaged below. Congratulations Julz

This is the award winning piece ‘Lost for Words”

You can follow Julz on her Facebook page.


Please call the gallery on +64 021 407 424 or email for more details about this concertina book work of Julz – Great Grandma Brown .