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Jenny Bielawski

Jenny is from Taranaki and has a very wide ranging art practice. She often explores environmental issues in her works. Jenny describes her practice below:

Over recent years I have used fibre and fabric to make contemporary art works, often using knitting and including paint or printing onto fabric, sometimes I will machine or hand  stitch into the fabric in an attempt  produce an image that interests me.  Working with these media together can be a challenge, but is stimulating and exciting, especially if the final image is a success.

For the ‘Flour Sack Challenge’ which is an invitational part of the ‘Made Over – Preserving & Reinterpreting’ Exhibition, Jenny took her flour sack and attempted to bring the original flour bag design back to life. By using different media she was trying to tell the same story on what was the back of the original flour bag. 

‘A Story Retold’. Jenny Bielawski – Inglewood
‘A Story Retold’ detail.

Full details of this work are on the webshop listing.


For the exhibition ‘Dreaming of the Future’ Jenny used her signature method of delicate freeform knitting to create Ghost Tree Red Line.

Ghost Tree Red Line

TREES, either standing alone or part of large forests, continue to be destroyed in huge numbers all around the planet, with disastrous effect on the Earth and the atmosphere around it. This lonely WHITE TREE is a memory, a ghost of trees lost. The RED LINE, a reminder that we must take action before it is too late, Plant TREES! The Ghost tree has been knitted with NZ Merino 2ply baby wool, an attempt to indicate how fragile and defenceless trees are. 

Ghost Tree Red Line
Gallery view

This beautiful work is available through the gallery or through the gallery web shop. Please check it out for more details. If you have any further questions please contact the gallery.