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Finola Chamberlain

Finola is in a very exploratory phase of her creative career. here she describes her artistic journey.

After living with artistic and musically talented siblings and spending my working life mainly in the Public Service, retirement 10 years ago brought time to venture into a different world. 
Having always loved papers, textiles, threads and colour, I revisited the crafts learned as a child, but then discovered the fascinating world of textile and mixed media art. I began learning new crafts, felting, dyeing, combining paper and textiles, painting my own textiles, learning from a wide range of artists and delving into the many books and resources available. 
Now, every day brings an opportunity to explore and learn something new, to challenge myself to push beyond previous and safe comfort zones. Discovering how the age old materials of paper, textiles, threads and fibres can be reimagined and used to tell stories is a great journey to be making.

Here is Finola’s statement about her work in the ‘Made Over- Preserving & Reinterpreting Exhibition’ on at ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ until May 10th 2021.

Table Talk – Space to Communicate.

What better “Homage to the Domestic” that to dip into Isabella Beeton’s book of advice for Victorian ladies. One wee gen is found in Chapter LXV (65) “The Decoration of Tables” where she notes how “hostesses vie with each other as to whose table shall be the most elegant.” There Isabella sets out the one rule always to be followed, “…. flowers and their receptacles should never interfere with the line of vision….” across the table. Good advice on the gentle art of leaving space through which to communicate?

Finola Chamberlain: Table Talk – Space to Communicate.

The 1950’s filet crochet table cloth edging. This is the source material for Finola’s work – Table Talk – Space to Communicate.

More details of this delightful work are available on the webshop site: