Below are some of the artists who have exhibited at our gallery.

  • Felicity Willis

    Felicity Willis

    Felicity has been an exhibitor at from out of the blue studio gallery several times. This time round she is part of the trio that has come together for Three By Two – Ways with A Needle. This exhibition is in the gallery until April 24th 2023. Felicity shares some of her background. I come… Read more

  • Pravina Phillips

    Pravina Phillips

    Pravina Phillips is a first time exhibiting artist at from out of the blue studio gallery and we are enjoying a very sharp sense of humour in her portfolio of works. Many of Pravina’s works combine upcycling with social messages. Pravina started her creative journey as a child with cross stitching over hessian and English… Read more

  • Ildikó Vigh

    Ildikó Vigh

    Ildikó Vigh is a very special artist for our studio gallery. While Ildikó is a permanent resident of The Hague, she has had family living in Taranaki and we got to know her while she was here visiting with them. Several exhibitions have featured Ildikó’s paper-making and there is always some of her portfolio available… Read more

  • Three By Two

    Ways With A Needle March 17th 2023 – April 24th 2023 Three highly creative stitchers are combining to fill the studio gallery space with their works and ideas. It is quite brilliant as it has been two years in the making hence the title. There is a back story statement about the exhibition: For the… Read more

  • Julz Coffey

    Julz Coffey

    Julz Coffey. Whanganui based mixed media artist. It is a great thrill to get a work from Julz as her works are so much in demand. Fortunately for us she participated in the concertina book challenge and created her delightful Great Grandma Brown book. The images below are the pages of her work in the… Read more