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Jane Woodhall

Member of the New Zealand Regional group of The Surface Design Association.

As an exhibitor in Aotearoa – Land of The Long White Cloud (Jan 20th 2022 – February 28th 2022) this is the first time ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ has been able to bring viewers Jane’s magical works.

Here is Jane’s artist statement about her life and practice:

I grew up in a small town in Central Otago, left to study fashion design at Wellington Polytechnic, and then went to work for the New Zealand Ballet and Opera Trust.

I managed the Wardrobe Dept, manufacturing and designing costumes for all types of theatre and film until I had my first child, when I worked freelance in the same areas for the remainder of my “paid” working life …. particularly with historical dance and music when possible.

I love the beautiful wild landscapes which surrounded my childhood and now that my children have grown up I live on the northern end of the Kapiti Coast, wild and beautiful also. I have the same colours and wide-open skies to guide my work.

I also paint, and play with 3D figures, but am most comfortable with textiles, collage, and stitch.

For Jane’s Solo Exhibition – A Thing of Shreds and Patches 2nd February – 13th March 2023 Jane has created three full face masks:

Puruaha Rd 

Puruaha Rd (410 x 560) This series began at the end of 2020, as I mused about living isolated in the middle of a large ocean….small, naïve, and a bit vulnerable. And how on these islands we all have free access to the fundamental simplicities of sea, shore, land and sky. Wonderfully created from collected treasure and re-treated materials, this landscape draws the viewer into it’s passage on their own imagined journey of discovery.

Te Horo Beach

Te Horo Beach (310 x 170) brings us an intimate landscape that is familiar yet differently experienced. Created with Linens, cottons, silks; all dyed, printed, rusted, stitched and painted by hand. Eyelets constructed from metal bits found on the beach.


Moonlight (310 x 170)

I grew up in Central Otago, a harsh and intensely beautiful area. I now live on the             Kapiti Coast, in an equally beautiful wild area, with similar huge skies…..

I try to express this loveliness in a simplified way.

More details of these work are on the shop page.

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