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Anne Garvey

Bio for Anne Garvey

Anne is the tutor for our current workshop courses using up-cycling and repurposing of textiles that can no longer satisfactorily perform their original task.

See the workshop pages in the drop down menu for the details about these learning sessions with a master stitcher.

I have been working with textiles all my life, learning to knit in the winter of my 7th year, and later, in my teens, teaching myself to sew on my Mum’s “Baby Singer”, using my Grandmother’s voluminous dresses and creating what can only be described as absolutely appalling creations to wear!!

I am interested in all textile methods and often combine techniques to make art pieces. Spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, patchwork, quilting, embroidery, crochet, recycling, costume design for film, fabric and yarn dying and painting are just some of the things I enjoy and that sustain my creativity.

Teaching since I was 20, I have also taught adult workshops in a range of techniques – something I plan to do more of in the future.

Here is Anne’s background statement about her work in ‘The Flour Sack Challenge’ – part of ‘Made Over – Preserving & Reinterpreting:

Childhood Memories

My childhood tartan skirts had bodices made from flour bags. My brothers’ dungarees, shorts and long pants were lined with flour bags. If the top of the flour bag chain stitching was pulled correctly it would unravel and open in one pull, the flour could then be put straight into the flour bin under the bench!

Our clothes were made from cast-off clothes from my grandmother, and the boys’ from our grandfather’s clothes. Matching hand knitted jumpers were common.

This project has been nostalgic and is the beginning of a series using the flour bags still in Mum’s linen cupboard up until a short while ago. 

Free form quilting, pleats and tucks to anchor the family tartan strips and a piece of tweed as well. Quilted lines ground the piece to the backing which is then highlighted with more hand stitching to its own backing. (McNab motto: ‘Let Fear Be Absent”)

The tartan skirt and pants that have contributed to Anne’s work – Childhood Memories. Anne at 4 years 2 months, Her brother at 1 year 9 months.
Anne Garvey – Waitara
close-up of Childhood Memories

More details and Images of this thoughtful and exquisite work are on the webshop page: