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Slow Fashion.

TUTOR: Anne Garvey ( Creator of the Runway Fashion Garment from a repurposed shearer’s singlet pictured above)

DATE: Saturday 15thJanuary 2023

LOCATION: from out of the blue studio galley, 18 Halse Place, Ōpūnake.

TIME: 9am -4pm. Shared Lunch. Tea and Coffee supplied.

PRICE: $50 Maximum of 4 people.

Example of the surplus of garments being created by the fashion industry. Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Sustainable fashion and textiles is an international movement to minimise the enormous waste and pollution caused world-wide by this huge industry. 

Take your first step and join the ethical revolution!

Have you got a favourite piece of clothing or linen that is:

Too big/too small/ripped/worn in places/out of fashion/or just too good to discard?

Well, this is the workshop for you! We will assess your piece and plan a “remake”. You may have some dreams of your own!


  • Collect up some complimentary “bits and bobs’ like zips/ribbons/lace/fabric/labels/tape, anything
  • Sewing Machine and accessories, extension cord
  • Scissors/Pins & Needles etc
  • Thread to match or compliment your base fabric.
  • Pen and paper to write and make notes
  • Your phone or camera for recording your progress is useful for later.

Please PM or txt Viv on 021 407 424 , email for any other details.

Fill out the form below to register for the workshop.