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The Beach – A Summertime Collection.

Calls for Entry.


21st November 2023.


All Textile Practitioners both in Aotearoa and Offshore.


21st December 2023 – 29th January 2024.


from out of the blue studio gallery

18 Halse Place, Ōpūnake.


This is an open call to all textile practitioners both in Aotearoa and Offshore.

Our planet is largely composed of water so, as humans, we are intimately connected to beaches on all kinds of levels. Globally beaches are places of restoration, chances for liaising with nature, sites for recreational enjoyment and the venue of many walks and fossicking journeys. For everyone who has ever been fortunate to have access to a beach or beaches there will be different types of memories created and stored. For those of us who have no personal experience of a beach there will be imaginings and dreams of such an encounter.

This exhibition asks you to bring into the gallery your record of an encounter with a beach, either real or imagined. Pause and think how you have been or imagine how you would be affected by having a beach as part of your reality.

This will be a cash and carry collection to accommodate the summer travellers that will be in Ōpūnake at the time of the exhibition.

Entries need to be ready to hang or display on plinths or table tops. Details on the hanging system are available on the website for the studio gallery. We use the Artrack system.


21st November 2023. – Entry forms need to be received by this date

27th November 2023. – Notifications will be sent to artists,

December 11th 2023. – Accepted entries must be received at the gallery no later than this date unless by other arrangements

December 19th and 20th. – Installation

December 21st. – Open to the public.

January 28th. – Gallery Gathering of artists and public to celebrate the exhibition, may be a pop up workshop (yet to be organised).

January 29th. – Closing and take down of remaining works.

There is no charge for entry of works for The Collection.

The gallery charges 25% commission on all sales. Sales payouts will be on the 30th January 2024.

Works submitted must be for sale.

The artist is responsible for all costs associated with shipping of works to the gallery as well as the return of unsold works.

All works are insured by the gallery while on site.

Please PM or txt Viv on 021 407 424 , email for any other details.

How to submit your entry

Please fill out the form below to submit your works for the exhibition .

Please also email a jpeg image labelled with the name of the work, your name, size of work to

You will need to send an image for each work – this can be a detail if the work is still in progress.

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