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Sue Wilson

Sue shares her life as a creative person with us:

I  live  on  a  farm at  Mokoia with  my  husband  Bruce where  I  breed  Simmental  cattle. I  have  always  liked  to  make  things  starting  with  soft  toys,  dolls and  teddybears  and  this  has  led  into  a  passion  for  hand  embroidery.  I  have  been  a  member of  the  Embroidery  Guild  based  in  Hawera for  many  years.  I  also  like  to  collect  antique  lace,  fabric, ribbon etc  and  and  tools  related  to  embroidery  /  sewing. My  other  interest  is  paper craft. I  enjoy  making  paper  related  items  and  learning  to  use  different  techniques  and  products.As  embroidery  takes up  most  of  my  time at  present  paper  activities are not  getting a  great  amount  of  attention.I  hope  to  improve this in  the  future.

Sue created two works for the ‘Made Over- Preserving & Reinterpreting Exhibition’ on at ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ until May 10th 2021.


This work is being sold by Silent Auction. All proceeds will go to The Women’s Refuge. If you would like to place a bid or need more information please contact the gallery and they will be happy to help you. 

Sue has taken a vintage flour sack, embellished it with the image of a loaf of bread and the statement “Our Daily Bread”. The additions are sensitive to the original textile and enhance this into an authentic memory vessel. A nostalgic collectible. Perfect to sit alongside any decorative vintage items reminding us of our domestic heritage. Beautiful stitching on an iconic flour sack. New Zealand’s heritage honoured.

Sue Wilson – Our Daily Bread. Silent Auction for The Women’s Refuge


Taking a collectable hanky stitched with Violets, Sue has imagined strolling through the garden and gradually filling a basket with the delicate, symbolic flowers.

Pick A Posie – Silent Auction to raise funds for The Women’s Refuge.

More details of both delightful works are available on the webshop site: