Think while you do your dishes.(2020) Christine Keller


I hope that I can interest more people to buy less, buy local and treat their objects well enough to last a very long time.



We have to change. In our attitude to objects, consumption and agriculture. During the last few years I started the production of hand-woven Kitchen towels in Dunedin as a means of storytelling. They are simple everyday objects which cost much more than their mass-produced sisters due to the time and effort that has gone into them. They have added value due to the touch of the maker. They are good at what they do – they dry dishes they give pleasure. They are an individual object which has been made by a local human. Future owners might find a link to a website in the hanging label. This is where the object starts to tell a story.

I am deeply concerned about our future consequences of selling off our rights to water and food to entities out of New Zealand. The colours are inspired by the colours of images of bottled water, pin stripes and river-coloured prison bars. These bars represent my worry that once those rights are gone for us, we are stuck with the consequences.

Colours may vary from the images.

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