Response to Materials – Finola Chamberlain 2022.


An exploration of making with an unusual set of materials.

Each mounted work is for sale separately.


Part of the second challenge set by the three artists involved in Call and Response.

Finola writes:

I chose paint, coffee and tea to alter the colour of some of the material and added a natural light calico-type cloth that absorbed colour well, plus some lace (I cheated!). I’d previously made the small sample piece that was “dyed” after construction. So this time I coloured first.
My idea was to do a series of pieces based on the colours in the selected materials, but I found I could get neither the flower pounded fabric nor the beads to work, so left those out. I changed from the green on the beads to turquoise – but used everything else – ending up with 4 larger samples.

This is the challenge that was set. Challenge 2: using our own selection from a bank of the same materials + one.
Materials available: 

Copper, Ticking, Eco-dyed silk, Cheese cloth, Mutton cloth, Bird Netting, Foliage Pounded Cloth , Cotton Tape, Beads, Black Button Chord, Reused baby wipes

Altering the original materials was allowed, e.g. dyes, painting, burning etc. 

We were able to swap out like for like, add one extra element, as well as material for structure, stuffing, hanging etc.