Pasifik Sista II (2019) Donna Campbell


Part of the Talismans for the Future Collection.(2019)

Beaded circle – Snake Skin, deer hide, beading ( Northwest Coast). Body gform – Tapa (Fiji), muka fiber, Tanekaha dyed muka fiber, pounamu shard, stripped pigeon feather (Aotearoa) form suspended by seed shells (Rarotonga).

Size: H:50cm x W:8cm x D:5.5cm



The works in the Talismans For The Future Series bring together a range of materials sourced from the Pacific Rim, some gifted, some recycled from other projects, found objects and treasured items. Indigenous narratives are reflected in the materials, while the forms evoke a magical and potent quality. Talismans of the Future remind us that we are all different and that there is power in respecting those differences.

Colours may vary from the images.

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