Forest Floor and Fog – Jess Moughan


I live near the Hakarimata Ranges, where the Waipa and Waikato Rivers converge. As the seasons shift to Autumn and Winter, the days fill with low cloud and fog. On the trails through the mountains, sometimes all you can see is the forest floor and fog. 

My practice involves a slow and physical process of making. This encourages a personal and tactile engagement with the materials.

This piece can be taken from the wall and used as a wrap or throw, allowing the user to feel the special character of the handspun fibres.


A conceptual work exploring walking in the natural environment, feeling the earth and seeing the atmosphere as fog. Embracing the natural world and the passage of the seasons.

Fibre Content: Handwoven with handspun ultra fine merino, tussah silk, possum and polwarth on an organic Fair Trade Peruvian cotton warp.