Dilly Bag – Past (2020) Suzan Kostanich


This is the first of three in the Dilly Bag Series.

Materials: Wet felted merino fibre, cotton gauze, cotton thread

Size: variable. approx. 47cm long x tapered cylinder greatest size approx. 50 cm circumference at opening.

Price is per bag



Traditionally a Dillybag is an Australian aboriginal bag woven from plant and or bark fibre and used to transport food items primarily used by women but also used by men to carry tools for hunting or as a holder for personal and tribal artifacts.
This trio of bags was made to symbolise different aspects of my practice, the internal void is a repository for ideas and skills learned. Knowledge baskets to both draw upon and add to, these represent the past, present and future of my practice.

Colours may vary from the images.

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