CUCAO ER GUANGHUA (The rough and the smooth)


Life is never all smooth nor all rough. This tapestry explores the realisation that there is beauty in both good times and bad times.


This tapestry responds to the notion of opposites – Yin and Yang, through the use of direct contrast both of materials and weave structure. 

The black side is knotted, using an assortment of both natural and manmade elements including feathers. 

The white side is a smooth weft faced weave using reflective fibers to produce a contrasting surface for light play. Running through both halves are structural wires that enhance the three dimensional surface. 

This is an observational reflection on the path of my life with all its variety and ups and downs – the rough and the smooth passages. 

Materials: Cotton Seine Twine warp, Assorted materials for weft.

Care Instructions: Do not hang in direct sunlight. Brush gently to clean.