Cosmic Explosion – Bobby Duncan 2022.


An exploration of making with an unusual set of materials.


Part of the second challenge set by the three artists involved in Call and Response.

Bobby writes:

Presented with 14 different and unrelated materials with which to produce an artwork I contemplated the size of explosion which may have been produced if these had been chemicals instead of fabrics – hence Cosmic Explosion.

This is the challenge that was set. Challenge 2: using our own selection from a bank of the same materials + one.
Materials available: 

Copper, Ticking, Eco-dyed silk, Cheese cloth, Mutton cloth, Bird Netting, Foliage Pounded Cloth , Cotton Tape, Beads, Black Button Chord, Reused baby wipes

Altering the original materials was allowed, e.g. dyes, painting, burning etc. 

We were able to swap out like for like, add one extra element, as well as material for structure, stuffing, hanging etc.