Childhood Memories – Anne Garvey


This work is part of The Flour Sack Challenge.


In my childhood tartan skirts had bodices made from flour bags. My brothers’ dungarees, shorts and long pants were lined with flour bags. If the top of the flour bag chain stitching was pulled correctly it would unravel and open in one pull, the flour could then be put straight into the flour bin under the bench!

Our clothes were made from cast-off clothes from my grandmother, and the boys’ from our grandfather’s clothes. Matching hand knitted jumpers were common.

This project has been nostalgic.

Free form quilting, pleats and tucks to anchor the family tartan strips and a piece of tweed as well. Quilted lines ground the piece to the backing which is then highlighted with more hand stitching to its own backing. (McNab motto: ‘Let Fear Be Absent”)\

Materials: Cotton Flour Sack, woollen fabrics, backing fabrics.

Dimensions: 54 cm x 53 cm plus extensions