Card Sets, Set 3 – Finola Chamberlain 2022.


price is for a set of 5 unique collage cards.


This work was created as part of Challenge 1 for the exhibition ‘Call and Response’.

Challenge 1: respond to an exercise in Fragmentation and Repair for Mixed-Media and Textile Artists by Shelley Rhodes, pp 94-97, working in a series using a limited range of materials. This challenge was a response to work by Finola Chamberlain Not Quite Katha, pp 10-11 

Finola states:

Taking the essence of a technique, in this case Kantha, but working in an inventive, experimental way. 

Set 3 5 cards

Create alternative stitches, wire, raffia, staples, twine. Layers held together with knots, tied thread, couching 

Introduce 4th colour on fifth sample (green)