Brown Onion, Rosemary and Iron – Jess Moughan


Handwoven, and dyed with natural elements this work has been felted, allowing the suspended silk threads to be free from the surface of the cloth. This process speaks to the concept of separation but connection enduring beyond the fabric of our lives. Jess states:

If I had consulted the love divination of the onions as my ancestors did in the Middle Ages, could I have saved myself a broken heart? Instead I steel myself each time something sparks a remembrance of you.

I’m curious about stories of others experiencing personal healing from interaction with objects in our environment. Something as simple as smelling a rose can have the potential to lift a dark mood – if only for a moment.

My practice involves a slow and physical process of making. This encourages a personal and tactile engagement with the materials.


A conceptual work exploring separation and joining.

Dimensions: 1020 x 660 x 40mm

Materials: Handwoven lambswool, silk, plant dye (onion and rosemary), reclaimed Rimu.