Made Over. Preserving and Reinterpreting

Call for Entries.

Made Over. Preserving and Reinterpreting

April 1st 2021 – May 11th 2021. 

This exhibition is in two parts:

Part One

Six artists have each been given a vintage flour sack with printed branding on it. They are similar, not identical because of the amount of wear and tear on each has been different. 

The concept is that 3 artists are based in New Zealand and 3 are international stitch artists who have agreed to participate. 

There are no restrictions on the way the artists are to work with the fabric. No rules, no criteria. 

The finished works need to be back at ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ by 8th March 2021 to enable photographic recording and development of promotional materials for the exhibition. 

These six works will sit inside a larger curated exhibition of work by artists who have used other pre-loved domestic textiles to create new expressions. 

This is the section of the exhibition that you have been invited to participate in.

Part Two An Homage to the domestic.

New Zealand has a long heritage of handmade domestic textiles, these old and pre-loved domestic textiles fate is often to end up as a “collection” from Op-shops and Charity shops. The artists will chose items that resonate for them either from the gallery’s in house collection or from their own personal “stash” and re-energised the item as new expressions. An Homage to the domestic. The works are not restricted by any criteria except respect for the original textile.

The criteria for submission :

1. The work must have been generated around an old domestic textile.

2. Please if at all possible photograph the original item before starting the transformation – this will be part of the final exhibition.

3. By 15th March 2021 images in jpeg format of the work nearly done or finished must be sent to the gallery digitally for the printing of the promotional material for the exhibition.

Images must be in jpeg format at least 2MB size. They can be delivered by dropbox link if easiest for the submitting artist or by email with clear labelling for each image.

These images must be accompanied by a brief description or story (under 100 words).This description will be used for the accompanying gallery label. It can be filled in on the electronic entry form below.

 Selected works need to be shipped to arrive no later than 22nd March 2021.

Please email images to

All accepted work will need to be display ready. Wall works need to have appropriate hanging systems. Any works that are not hanging ready will be returned to the artist. Hanging requirements are included below on the gallery terms and conditions page.

Gallery commission on sales is 25%.

Artist responsible for all shipping to and from gallery.

No hanging fees.

Works will be selected by Curator Viv Davy. Feedback and commentary on selection will be available if the artist requests it.

Digital Entry Form to be completed with submissions to “Made Over – Preserving and Reinterpreting Exhibition 2021”.

Exhibition Dates: 1st April 2021 – 10th May 2021

Delivery Address for accepted works: 18 Halse Place, Opunake, Taranaki 4616

Date Line for submissions:

15th March 2021. On or before this date – digital image of work(s) being submitted must be received by email to Please also include the entry form below. 

22nd March 2021. On or before this date works must arrive at

‘from out of the blue studio gallery’.

11th May 2021 All unsold works must be collected from the gallery unless other arrangements have been made.

11th May 2021 All sales payments will be made to the artist’s designated bank accounts.

Submission Form

1. Details of Artist

2. Details of Works

For each work please include:

  • Name
  • Dimensions
  • Material content of the work
  • Story behind the work (no more than 100 words)
  • Price. Please read gallery info page for pricing instructions. 
  • Any special care instructions for the work

Please read carefully our terms and conditions of general information about the gallery processes, costs, hanging requirements.

Please email images of your artwork to If there is anything else at all that you need to know please don’t hesitate to email, message or text me on 021 407 424. 

I’m looking forward to this exhibition as a special fibre showcase for the busy holiday season. I am hoping to meet new artists and visit again with artists I already know. 

Please spread the word about this opportunity to anyone else you think might be interested. 

Very excited.

Many thanks

viv davy

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