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Janet Robinson

At ‘from out of the blue studio gallery’ we consider ourselves very privileged to host the work of Janet Robinson who has a lifetime of creative undertakings spanning some 70 years. A thoughtful, gentle creator using a variety of mediums Janet describes her creative life:

I first started sewing and knitting over 70 years ago, my mother teaching me the basics. In my teens it was making clothes for myself, so I could be “fashionable” at very little cost. The next phase was knitting and making clothes for babies, then the growing children. It was not until I was nearing retirement that I was able to indulge my first love, embroidery, I joined the Mana Embroiderers Guild and learnt many types of the art through classes.  With the Kapiti Arts & crafts Society I discovered wool, not just knitting wool but “stuff” I could spin, weave, knit, felt or embroider with, and I have spent the last 25 years exploring what one can do with a bit of fleece. I also enjoy dying it, and have created some (to me) interesting art yarns. I hope to spend the next 25 years learning yet more, but there is one thing I do not do and that’s housework! I just don’t have time.

For the Made Over – Preserving & Reinterpreting Exhibition Janet took old domestic linens and created a memorial statement work that honours her own heritage as well as that of many other New Zealand families.

In 1970 my parents came on a visit to NZ and on a journey through Otaki my mother saw a field of Arum Lilies in full bloom. She exclaimed over them, and I told her they were “weeds’ in NZ. Her reply was, that being responsible for the church flowers for many years , every Easter she ordered blooms brought in from the Channel Islands (Jersey in particular) and they cost her 4 UK pounds a BLOOM, that’s about $NZ118 in today’s money. These flowers are made in memory of my mother.

Memories – domestic textiles that were up-cycled. Janet Robinson
Memories – Janet Robinson. Detail.
Memories – Janet Robinson

This beautiful work is available through the gallery or through the gallery web shop. Please check it out for more details. If you have any further questions please contact the gallery.