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Jane Woodhall

A Thing of Shreds and Patches

February 2nd 2023 – March 13th 2023

We have had Jane’s intricate stitch work in the gallery before and it holds a great sense of presence when experienced face to face.

Here are some teaser images to entice you to mark it in your diary as a Summertime Must Do.

“Allow me to introduce myself to you as an advocate of Ornamental Knowledge. Some like the mind to be a neat machine, equipped to work efficiently if narrowly, and with no extra bits or useless parts. I like the mind to be a dustbin of scraps of brilliant fabric, odd gems, worthless but fascinating curiosities, tinsel, quaint bits of carving and a reasonable amount of healthy dirt. Shake the machine and it goes out of order; shake the dustbin and it adjusts itself beautifully to its new position.” –   Robertson Davies 

Jane considers this to be ‘A great description of the tatty peacocks tail of stuff I carry about with me.’

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