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Edna Stuart

Edna embraces the magic of working with natural wools in her art practice. Here is her short bio in her own words:

My aim when young was doing my best with handwork,  which started with an  embroidered  cloth being shown around every state in Australia.  
With dressmaking, embroidery,  knitting skills, I settled in New Zealand married,had a family of boys .
In 1985 a whole new dimension came about learning to use a spinning wheel, using a raw fleece, dying, knitting, felting, adding silk, also using the wool for embroidery.
In 1992 received a quality mark for my spinning through Creative Fibre.
In 1995 I started to felt  doing a weeks course with a Danish Felter, what a wonderful art form, I was inspired.
  That same year at the  Invercargill Creative Fibre  Wool Festival, I won the Black and Coloured Wool Award, also the Supreme Award  for a Hand spun and knitted coat.    In the following years received several awards for knitting, felting ,
silk work.
I had the opportunity in the following years to enthuse, teach, help many “Wooly” artists to achieve a higher standard in spinning, knitting, felting .
I still enjoy my “Fibre Art “. working to a high standard, striving to do the best , most of all enjoying my challenges. 

Brought Back To Life 

Aged crochet doilies and lace edgings from my mother and the aunties, from the early 1900’s, are used in “ Brought back to life”  to enhance the New Zealand Koru. Mixed in is the wide aged lace used a lot on clothing in the era of our great grandmothers and our grandmothers.

Edna Stuart – Brought Back To Life

Brought Back to Life can be found with more information on the gallery web shop.