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Donna Campbell

MFA (Auckland) PhD (Waikato).

Tribal Affiliations: Ngā Puhi and Ngāti Ruanui


Donna Campbell is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies at the University of Waikato. She is a passionate advocate of the fibre arts as contemporary expression and continues to extend the current discourse of Māori fibre arts practice in Aotearoa. Her creative work is held in prestigious Museum collections around the world, and in Aotearoa.  Donna talks about her art practice:

As a practicing artist, researcher and lecturer my research is grounded in kaupapa Māori approaches focusing on cultural empowerment through creative practice in Māori fibre arts,  and the regeneration of mātauranga Māori in contemporary creative practice.

My practice is informed by my relationship with the materials I am using. I am drawn to natural materials, native plants in particular as they embody the whenua (land) and Mātauranga Māori (cultural knowledges). The talisman works are a representation of connections I have with the found materials used and the people who gifted some of those materials to me. Working on a small scale has been liberating in a way. Using collage as a process to create the talisman works has encouraged undoing and re-doing in the making process. 

Talismans for the Future

These works bring together a range of materials sourced from the Pacific Rim, some gifted, some recycled from other projects, found objects and treasured items. Indigenous narratives are reflected in the materials, while the forms evoke a magical and potent quality. Talismans of the Future remind us that we are all different and that there is power in respecting those differences.

Pasifik Sista I (2019)
Pasifik Sista II (2019)
Pasifik Sista II (2019)
Detail view
Pasifik Sista III (2019)
Pasifik Sista III (2019)
Pasifik Sista IIII (2019)

More images and details of each of the Pasifik Sista works are on the gallery web shop – please check them out. If you want any extra images or information please contact the gallery.

Dr Donna Campbell 
  Senior Lecturer Tikanga Māori – Creative Practice

Associate Dean (Academic) – Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao  |  Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies  | University of Waikato  

Private Bag 3105  |  Hamilton 3240  |  New Zealand   |  ddi  + 64 7 838 9557  |  mob + 64 21 1876418

Check out the Revitalising cultural knowledge – the Māori sail, Te Rā research project  




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